McKenzie Cole

McKenzie Cole, Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2022, is a 16-year-old junior at St. Aloysius High School in her hometown of Vicksburg, MS. She has been honored as a member of the National Honor Society, as well as receiving recognition for serving over 300 hours of volunteer service; earning her the Presidential Volunteer Award. She was selected by her peers as the school’s “Most Entertaining” personality. She was also voted by her student body to represent her grade on the Football Homecoming Court. She is a multi-faceted student as a cheerleader and basketball player who was selected for the All-County basketball team in 2022. Her love of marketing and media relations has been shown through her accumulation of 37k TikTok followers and the 815k “likes” she receives on her videos!

She is proud to be someone who encourages others, motivates, and gives back to her community. McKenzie has had to endure exclusion and bullying from her fellow social circles, and she has struggled to find ways to fit in with the crowd, until she discovered that maybe she was born to stand out! This is what led her to found her own National platform, We’re in Your Corner which promotes inclusion and authenticity. She expanded her platform by teaming up with two other individuals who are just as passionate about mental health as she is, and together they have brought this message of hope to people across the U.S. We’re in Your Corner is geared toward everyone, no matter your age, gender, or socioeconomic background because McKenzie and her team believe that everyone deserves someone in their corner rooting for them and showing them that they are loved just the way they are. Her belief is that mental health awareness needs to begin earlier, which is why they are currently in the process of storyboarding a children’s book that will explain the benefits of self-care and mental health awareness in a safe and appropriate manner for elementary aged children.

McKenzie has taken her self-love to the next level by putting herself out there to compete for a chance at the Jovani “It Girl” title! That confidence has paid off as she is now a semifinalist for cycle 10 and a finalist for cycle 11. McKenzie never dreamed that her wishes of becoming a successful model would be here, but through her hard work and strong modeling skillset she is accomplishing her goals at the tender age of 15 and can’t wait to see where her modeling career goes next. One day, she hopes to become an Oncologist so that she can revolutionize cancer treatment with the hopes of finding a cure for brain cancer specifically.



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